SYGA (12 Units) Electrical Socket Cover for Indian Plug Point for Baby Safety Proofing INR 650.00

UClever Electrical Outlet Plugs Prevents Accidental Shock.

How to Use

  1. For Baby: Plug the safety plug into the correspond socket.
  2. Best fitting ensure safety for child
More Values
  1. Feature a neutral-color design that blends easily with any decor.
  2. Rounded edges and contoured shape are safe for little hands when exploring.
  3. The holes on the outlet plugs are specially designed for the parent keys, not direct access to electrical outlets.
  4. Best Quality set of 12 safety plug for your child safety.
  5. Also useful for covering up outlets to secure your cute pets, minimize air leaks and prevent fires.
  1. This product cannot replace parental care & shelter.
  2. This product and its packaging bags should not be used as toys, there is DANGER of being swallowed.
  3. Always test the outlet plugs after they are installed.
  4. Always reinsert outlet plugs after using the outlet.

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