Strauss Push Up Bar, Pair (Black/Silver) INR 899.00

The Strauss push-up bar is an ergonomic and sturdily designed push-up bar that will prevent avoidable stress on your arms and upper body and aid your physical training. Used to strengthen upper body, these push-up bars are durable, handy and most importantly, safe. It distributes the weight evenly between the arms and successfully works the core of your body.You'll never have to worry about finding a suitable implement for dips when you've got these push-up bars lying around. They can support a weight that won't be exceeded by the average individual. If you're just thinking about beginning a workout routine for your upper body, there's no better place to start than with the Strauss push-up bars. They can give you the results of better equipment at a lower cost, making them the perfect first purchase.

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