Strauss Ball Pump Double Action (ST-1101) INR 399.00

✔ Quality Construction Our ball pump is made with the strongest, most durable materials available and assembled to the most rigorous standards. It is built for high performance and built to last. Twice as Fast, Twice as Efficient Dual Action Ball Pump inflates balls twice as fast with dual action engineering that pushes air on both the up and down strokes, saving you energy and getting you back on the field or court faster. Easy to Use A quick push and pull is all it takes to pump up your ball with the Fitness Factor Dual Action Ball Pump. Our innovative design makes pumping smooth and easy so that your arms won't be too tired from inflating your new ball to play with it. Inflate flat sports balls with ease using the Strauss Ball Pump.It is suitable for pumping air into footballs, volleyballs, basketballs and handballs.Strauss Ball Pump uses superior technology for quick inflation.Featuring double action 'pull and push' technology, the Strauss football pump lets you pump air into balls quickly and effortlessly on both upstroke and downstroke. This exciting technology reduces the total time required to inflate a flat ball. It is a must have item for all football, volleyball and basketball enthusiasts. Add this air pump to your sporting gear to ensure that your sports balls always remain in perfect condition for a game.This air pump has a compact and lightweight design. It can be easily carried along in your bag as you travel to attend practice sessions or indulge in a fun game with friends. Made using superior quality fiber materials, this air pump is durable and long lasting

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