Spalding 2015 Alley-OOP Basketball Size-7 (Black) INR 1,249.00

A rubber basketball from spalding with excellent grip and control, outdoor ball based on the Spalding Top Flight range. The Spalding Alley-Oop Basketball is suitable for Indoor / Outdoor use. Spaldings Alley-Oop basketball is made with fine quality, soft rubber material which makes it extremely durable and resilient to abrasion and rugged game play. The basketball is a long-lasting sports equipment it comes in standard size 7 and is ideal for men. The rubber skin of the ball has wide channels which result in an excellent grip for the player. The bladder of the ball is butyl and serves as a great air locker for the ball, which in turn makes it an amazing bouncer. The ball is made with soft rubber which is sensitive to your hands and skin. This ball is suitable for playing on indoor wooden courts as well as outdoor concrete surface courts.

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