Satyamani Natural Amazonite Cabochon (Pack of 1 Pc.) INR 1,800.00

Satyamani Amazonite Cabochon is a mineral, but because of its lively green colour, it is cut and polished. The green colour of the stone has been attributed to the presence of copper. It can also be due to some organic pigment, probably an organic salt of iron, as it is removed by heat from the source. Amazonite is believed to be a sacred stone of high value. It was extensively used by the ancient Egyptians. It gives a cooling and soothing effect to the mental state. It is used for healing and spiritual growth. It is applied to align the heart and solar plexus chakras and also the ether and mental bodies. The body energy currents are strengthened by the use of amazonite. For best result the ball is to be held in the left hand for twenty minutes four times in the day time. The ball should be washed in clean water every time before use. (Rest Details and Usage Method will be sent along with the product). Note: These are natural stones and only shape has been given. Please note that you will be sent a similar cabochon which is 100% natural. Availability may subject to in stock product. Data is collected from folklore and healers all over the world. We do not claim anything.

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