Olympus Multipurpose Air Pump For Car Bike Cycle Ball And Inflatable Furniture INR 900.00

Easy To use - For Bicycles, attach Cycle Adapter Included in box to the Bicycles Tyre valve and start pumping. For others attach pump nozzle directly to the air valve of the vehicle. JUST THAT! Keeping your bikes, cars,bicycles tires filled with air helps to ensure your safety and allows you to enjoy the smoothest of rides mile after mile. Filling the tires with air regularly is important, but who has time to keep heading to the bike shop for a fill up? With this Portable All-Purpose Floor Pump with Gauge, you can keep your tires filled at home and travel quickly and simply! Just set it beside your bike and press down on the lever of the foot pump with gauge with your foot! The gauge allows you to monitor the air pressure to ensure you don't over fill the tires.

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