Oak N Oak Comfortable Sleeping Hanging Hammock, Single Person Use - South American INR 850.00

Bring comfort & style to your outdoor & indoor space with this net hammock swing. There's nothing better than relaxing to the rhythm of a swaying hammock in your own backyard. Everyone needs an outdoor hammock to help you enjoy those lazy days & this stylish & colorful hammock by Oak N Oak is the perfect choice. This garden hammock is constructed with 100% hand woven, 3 ply twisted Eco Friendly Cotton rope without any hard wood bars. Strong cotton ropes enable sturdy suspension for secure hold & placement. At the lake, on the patio or in the yard under your favorite tree, this portable outdoor hammock is everything you need. It adds a touch of style to your garden & provides extra fun for both kids & adults. This hammock is suitable for vacation holiday use, relaxing in your backyard, laying back in your patio or even while sipping your tea in the sunniest spot of your garden. The hammock is the product to enjoy for years as an incredible addition of relaxation to any backyard or around pool deck. How to Enjoy Your Hammock Stand at the center with your back to the hammock. Gather up both ends in your hands & adjust your hold so that your body is aligned with the center of the hammock. Lower yourself into the hammock in a sitting position & then swing your legs inside. Lie down so that your body is in a crosswise or diagonal position. The hammock needs concave radian so you can feel at ease & comfortable Care & Maintenance • When handling the hammock, always hold it by the rope end handles to avoid tangling. • Do not leave your hammock out in the rain or extremely wet conditions. • Never fold up or store the hammock if it is still wet after washing. In addition, we sell the following accessories which are sold separately 1- Complete hardware kit (include 2 nos of 20 link chain with S hook & 2 nos of J/Tree hook) 2- 20 link chain with S hook 3- J hook/Tree Hammock- 1 nos 4-Tree Strap Kit (A pair)

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