Niheshi Child Safety Sliding Lock For Cabinet & Cupboard Doors, Set Of 2 INR 549.00

The Child Safety Sliding Locks are uniquely designed to secure your home and make it safer for crawling or walking babies/children. It is guaranteed to help reduce or eliminate common baby accidents in your home.


1) Determine installation location

2) Press the latch and hold open

3) Apply lock around the handles

4) Slide the latch inwards to lock

Sliding Locks is Suitable for all Double Swing Doors and Knobs.

? Use them in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Pantry Room, Storage Area and Bedroom.

? Will give you peace of mind knowing your baby stays safe in every room of your home.

? Can be easily removed and won't leave a mark.

? Easy for you to open or close the lock with a single hand but difficult for your little child to unlock.

? Easy to move between rooms and great for travel!

? Child Safety Sliding Locks installs easy, No tools needed.

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