Natural Shoe Deodorizer & Odor Eliminator Removes Moisture & Odor From Shoes ( Combo Pack) INR 340.00

INTRODUCING A NEW CONCEPT OF NATURAL ODOUR REMOVER WITH NATURAL BAMBOO CARBON Bamboo Carbon provides moisture control and smell removal........... Our 100% Natural products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, No new ingredients added, unscented and renewable. For the First time in India, we are introducing small pouches to eliminate odours in your SHOES. A couple pair of BAMBOO CARBON POUCHES will deodorize your shoes. Just keep one pouch in each shoe after you come from your duty. Within few hours, there is no wetness, no foul smell, No musty smells, No damp smells, usually overnight, Dries the shoes or boots, Inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus. In particular Sports people's shoes are most stingy and smelly. You will love your shoes in the morning since it smells fresh and tidy. For thousands of years since the shoe is invented, everybody cares only the shoe externally and nobody bothers to clean it inside. Due to daily sweat and moisture the inner layers deteriorate and the life of shoe has gone to due to the fact that there is no inner care. Your feet also equally smell bad and initiates ailments to your beloved feet. Every month dry the BAMBOO CARBON POUCHES in the sun for 8 hours and it becomes new and use it again and again. After one or two years if you wish you can change. sometimes his shoes stink too so easy that even HE can use them very effective for smell removal Removes Smell All Natural Non-Toxic Unscented • Have you ever not wanted to remove your shoes because you know your shoes smell? Embarrassing, isn't it. • If you've ever taken your shoes off and thought - "OH NO!", you know what I mean. The smell just seems to rise out of the shoes. Keep our BAMBOO CARBON SMALL POUCHES IN YOUR SHOES. That's all. The smells gone every day and you feel wearing a fresh shoe in the morning.

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