Kipsta Tarmak Puncture Proof Basketball - Size 7 INR 1,999.00

Age:Any Gender:Unisex Composition:Rubber cover.Rubber and butyl bladder. Maintanance:Clean with water and a brush. restriction to use:up to 3 holes 2 mm wide Puncture proof ball*:Tarmak contains)Magic Jam). It''s a liquid contained in the ball''s bladder that turns into foam in the event of a puncture.This foam helps to fill in perforation and enables full reconstruction of component.Please note: To activate technical solution, bounce ball ten or so times on the ground.*up to 3 holes 2 mm wide. Durability / Solidity:Thickness of rubber covering: 1,5 mm. Grip:Ball handling is optimised thanks to width of channels (1.5 mm on the sides to 4.3 mm on the central part) and thick pebbled effect on ball''s outer covering. Ball feel:Ball made from foam rubber: Air injection into rubber gives it a softer texture, enhancing ball feel. Durability / Solidity:Test confirming its durability: 2500 shots against concrete slab at 50 km/h. Traction:Tyre-tread textured rubber panels ensuring excellent ball grip. Puncture resistance:In the event of a puncture, a technical solution fills perforation.

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