HOKIPO® Multifunctional Foldable Bamboo Shower Stool Seat for Kids INR 1,599.00

Advantages of Bamboo:


✔Moisture resistant


✔Air purifying



✔Natural look

This is a versatile stool, it will be whatever you want it to be! Attributes to the advantages of the material, you can use it in the shower, living room, garden, patio, or anywhere in your house. Featured compact and portable design, it is also ideal for outdoor living.

Crafted of moisture resistant and antimould, this is ideal for a spacious shower or bath, it lends a natural look to any bath setting as well.

The stool can be folded flat and is light enough to carry around, which makes it portable and perfect for outdoor activities like fishing as well. Moreover, the stool is fully assembled and foldable, super convenient.

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