Glorious Kart Lab-Certified Unheated Untreated 9.25 Ratti/8.33 Carat Cylone Quality Blue Sapphire Neelam 100% Original Certified Natural Gemstone A+ Quality INR 3,799.00

This blue sapphire gem is Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Quality. This is a very fine quality Natural Certified Blue Sapphire Precious Gemstone brought to you exclusively. This is a natural earth mined rare Gemstone at a very affordable price for Astrological or Jewelry Setting. Saturn is one of the most important planets that govern many important parts of our lives. The success and fulfilment in a person's life depends much on the state of Saturn that is governing the natal as well as transitory planets and stars. Hence it is very important to turn the malefic nature of Saturn into benefic. The lucky gemstone for Saturn is Blue Sapphire that is genuine and real. Wearing a Blue Sapphire negates the malefic effect of Saturn and makes it a lucky Gem for the wearer. It is a 100 % genuine & real Blue Sapphire/ Neelam.

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