Ecowoodies Arbutus Cane Outdoor Furniture Set (4 Chairs + 1 Table) INR 29,431.00

Long life eco-friendly Furniture Set made up of environmental safe material and also fully safe to use in living and garden area. It can be used for study and playing indoor activities. Weight bearing capacity ranges from 0-100 kgs. It is lightweight and durable. Since cane is used as primary material, it does not require enough cleaning and maintenance cost. Average life of chair varies upto 10 yrs which is one of the key advantage of it compared to chairs available in another material. Best Suitable for Breakfast , Kitchen , Reception areas, Terrace , Living Room, Dining Room, Cafe, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Indoor / Outdoor, Lawn, Cafeteria, Balcony and Garden.

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