Diswa New Premium AC ELECTRIC VACUUM AIR PUMP -- Quickly Inflates / Deflates Sofa, Bed, Swimming Pool Tubes, Toys,Air Bags, Mattresses INR 900.00

The Stermay HT196 Portable Electric Air Pump powered by 230 Volt Ac Motor with Quick-fill Design with Three Nozzles - Makes your inflating your inflatables easy! This Electric Air Pump uses 230-240 Volt AC house current and includes three interconnecting nozzles. It's perfect for large inflatables such as pools, boats and other large inflatable toys. Made from Best quality Plastic. It is Reusable year after year. Require only a common household vacuum cleaner (electric pump or hand suction pump) to create a vacuum. Application: Applicable to (for air inflation): airbed, air pool, air boat, air sofa, air bathtub, air-filled toys, swimming ring, balloons etc. Applicable to (for air deflation): vacuum storage bags etc. Inflation: 1. Connect the pump to 220V power supply. 2. Connect the inflation fitting with the inflation mouth- turn on the switch and the inflation begins ("-" stands for "on" and "o" stands for "off"). 3. Please make sure the valve for inflation is not blocked- otherwise the pump may be damaged due to overheat. 4. Please don't misuse the deflation opening as the inflation opening. Deflation: 1.Open the valve of the article. 2. Connects the fitting that is suitable in size to the deflation opening (if the size of deflation opening is right- no need of the other three fittings)- then turn on the switch and begin to suck the air out. ("-"stands for "on" and "o" stands for "off") 3. Please make sure the valve for inflation is not blocked, otherwise the pump may be damaged due to overheat. Product Features:- 1.Power : 150W Voltage: 220-230V Rated 2.Pressure: 5000pa-10000pa

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