Color Gems Yellow Crystal 5.25 Ratti Sapphire (Pukhraj) Gemstone for Men and Women INR 8,500.00

Natural top quality yellow sapphire (pukhraj) gemstone product type: yellow sapphire clarity: transparent only color: yellow content: 1 origin:Bangkok.shape: oval size: mm treatment: untreated yellow sapphire stone is also known as pukhraj in Hindi, pushpraj in Sanskrit, pushprag in Tamil,pushpragam in Telugu, and pushpraja in Canada. This is highly effective gemstone for astrological purpose. Yellow sapphire is removed all obstacle related to career, marriage and married life. Yellow sapphire especially recommended for Jupiter or if Jupiter is staying in the malefic house in any one chart. Properties of yellow sapphire:- hardness:- 7 to 8 months specific gravity:-3.5 to 4 color of stone:-natural yellow ,whitish yellow ,lemon yellow sources of yellow sapphire:-Ceylon, Bangkok, Thailand,Burma and Madagascar yellow sapphire only one stone which is instantly remove obstacle in marriage of male or female individual.

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