Temperature Monitor Bracelet for New Born Babies by BEMPU awarded Best Invention of 2017 TIME magazine INR 2,990.00

Forget baby clothes and toys, give new parents the gift of safety and peace of mind for their baby. The BEMPU Device monitors your small baby day and night for 1 month. If your baby is cold at any time (hypothermic), the device beeps to wake you up so you can warm your baby well before any injury or complications can occur. Babies who are kept warm with BEMPU tend to gain more weight and sleep better. The device has won numerous awards from the Gates Foundation, USAID and others for its ability to save the lives of newborn babies around the world. At BEMPU, we understand (and are!) parents who want to take the best possible care of babies. The BEMPU bracelet is recommended by Neonatologist and is a must have for preterm/premature/underweight babies as they are more susceptible to hypothermia. That's why we created the BEMPU Bracelet. Stay warm, stay strong!

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