9 Ratti 100% Natural Blue sapphire By Lab Certified INR 19,000.00

Neelam Stone is a highly protective gemstone. It helps in protection from enemies, evil eye, hexing, jealousy etc.  It is one of the fastest acting gemstone and the impact is felt instantaneously.  It can bless with wealth, good luck, opportunity, and promotion etc within 1 day to a month of wearing it.  Blue Sapphire blesses with mental clarity, clears confusion and blesses the individual with the correct decision making abilities.  Blue Sapphire has a direct impact on wealth levels. It gives a positive boost in finances. It can bless with multiple sources of income if the individual is so inclined and works towards it.   It has excellent healing abilities to soothe the senses and blesses with calmness and equanimity.  To those who are spiritually inclined it gives the capacity to perform austere spiritual practices, improves the quality of meditation and aids in quest of self realization. Blue Sapphire has the power to balance the Sahasrara chakra/crown chakra, the chakra where the Kundalini unites with the cosmic energy

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