12 Ratti Pearl,Moti stone for Astrology INR 1,100.00

This Gemstone Is DELUXE SUPERB Category. We Offer only 100% Genuine & Certified Natural Gemstone. Certified & Sealed by reputed Indian & International Diamond & Gem Testing Laboratory. Further 'ANMOL RATNA' grades and packs separately each and every gemstone according to its Quality Category based on Cut, Carat, Colour, Clarity & Origin. Our Different Categories are STANDARD, STANDARD SUPERB , DELUXE, DELUXE SUPERB, PREMIUM, PREMIUM SUPERB, ELITE, and ELITE SUPERB. NOTE: This Gemstone is of DELUXE SUPERB Category. Direct Visible Natural Inclusions are RARELY found like very less blemish and dull spots and rare dull ground substance, Gem is opaque.

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